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DUI is a very serious offense in Florida. If you are arrested for DUI you should hire a lawyer immediately..There is much to be done within a 10 day window of your arrest date. It is usually best to find a Tampa Lawyer who is experienced and focused on DUI defense. While many attorneys may have great advertisements and flashy slogans it is always best to ask about prior experience and results  specifically related to cases similar to yours.

While every case is slightly different and there are several strategies to take, it is best to establish reasonable expectations with your legal counsel during an initial consultation. Hamilton Law Services DUI lawyers offers a free initial consultation. You should be comfortable speaking with your attorney and be certain to provide them with your interpretation of the facts. It is also important to choose a lawyer that will listen to and address your immediate concerns.

DUI Charges If you submitted to a breath or blood alcohol test and your breath or blood alcohol was .08 or higher, or if you refused a breath or blood alcohol test, then your driver’s license was suspended at the time of your arrest and the temporary permit shown on your DUI citation is valid for only ten (10) days. If you do not take immediate action your license will remain suspended for at least six (6) months, Unless you refused to submit to breath testing in which case your license will remain suspended for one (1) year, or in the case of a prior refusal to submit to breath or blood testing, 18 months. You will not be eligible for a hardship license for 30 days following the expiration of your temporary permit if you had an unlawful blood or breath alcohol level and 90 days if you refused to submit to testing. Your license will remain suspended unless you petition, within ten (10) days, for an administrative review hearing and are able to establish at the review hearing that the suspension should be invalidated. If you are convicted of DUI, in addition to a lifetime conviction record, for a first conviction, you face a maximum jail sentence of six (6) months, a minimum of at least six (6) months of mandatory probation, suspension of your driving privileges for at least six (6) months, a minimum $500.00 fine, fifty (50) hours of community service, mandatory DUI School, substance abuse and victim impact counseling, ten (10) day impoundment or immobilization of the motor vehicle you were driving at the time of arrest, and court costs. Additionally, DUI is an enhancement crime. The penalties are more severe, including minimum mandatory jail time, if you were previously convicted of DUI or an equivalent offense in another State.

The decision about which criminal defense attorney to hire in Tampa Florida is an important decision that should not be based solely upon lawyer advertisements. Before you decide which lawyer to retain after a criminal accusation or arrest, ask our law firm to send you free additional written information about our qualifications and experience in fighting criminal cases or call for a free consultation. This web site is intended for general information purposes only. Any links to other web sites, attorneys or articles are not endorsed by Hamilton Law Services and are only provided to give additional general or educational information to the user. The information presented in this internet website should not be construed to be formal legal advice or the formation of an attorney / client relationship. Contact Us to request additional written information or a free consultation without cost or obligation today

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